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global object jsPanel

The jsPanel script exposes one global object jsPanel

Basically the global object jsPanel is for internal use and is home to most of the functions internally used by $.jsPanel(). But the one or the other property/method might be useful in your script:


is a string like containing version information of the jsPanel script.

jsPanel.device added in version 2.4.0

is an object providing some device information. Properties are:

  • jsPanel.device.mobile:
  • jsPanel.device.tablet:
  • jsPanel.device.phone:
  • jsPanel.device.os:
  • jsPanel.device.userAgent:

By default the jsPanel script relies on mobile-detect.js to set property values.

If mobile-detect.js is not loaded the values are undefined

If mobile.detect.js is loaded but the device is not recognized as mobile the values are null

jsPanel.getMaxOfArray(numArray) added in version 2.4.0

is a method that returns the max value of an array of numbers.

jsPanel.exportPanels() and jsPanel.importPanels(configs) added in version 2.4.0

These methods allow to export/save a panel layout and later restore the layout. For detailed information on this topic please refer to export/save current jsPanel layout.